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It has been tiring weeks of completing this precious assignment 3. This journey of finishing this assignment was filled with bitter-sweet flavour. Loads of considerations to be made as well as thoughts to be consisted in this assignment. However, I am glad because at last, we, Group 12 managed to complete this assignment and I think, I am happy with our work.

Therefore, here are the 7 possible items which will ensure an effective student-centred, personalised, higher-order-thinking lesson.

1) Hands-on activities.

During completing the assignment, we were like pushing the six brains in our group to come out with activities which could motivate children effectively. The most valid way to implement this is via hands-on activities. However, in order to implement these activities there are loads of considerations to be made as each school comes with different facilities. Nevertheless, we still made it available in so many ways like games, cut and paste, colouring template and masks and so on.

2) Group work.

In order to achieve effective student-centred, personalised, higher-order-thinking lesson, we thought that group works might be the best thing as it comprises of flexibility in doing work as in each group, students can help each other, and therefore the student would be more adaptable and flexible in doing works. Moreover, there are also personalised learning as pupils might be doing parts of the group work given and at last they will combine the work to make it a final product. Most of the activities that we created consist of group work activities.

3) ICT

Integrating ICT in the class is pupil-centered and personalised learning as well as critical thinking. The Internet is borderless and limitless if the teacher allows pupils to do some online activities and pick some pictures that they like; it will definitely reduce teacher’s dominance in the classroom. Therefore, even in the school A whereby the classes are not equipped with computers and LCD, we use the ICT to create the stimulus, task sheet, edit song and doing templates as ICT helps and eases the process of teaching and learning.

4) Suitable assessment.

Students should not feel burden and stress when dealing with assessment. Thus teacher should conduct suitable assessment to meet with the students’ preferences. This is to ensure fairness in assessing them. Portfolio can be one way of assessing the students’ performance.

5) Aural-oral activities

It is essential to embed aural-oral activities in a particular lesson. It is amid the teaching whereby the teacher would want to know pupils’ previous knowledge, feedback and elicit their comments. These activities would somehow or rather boost the critical thinking and at the same time tap on their previous knowledge.

6) Peer-assessment

This item is crucial as it gives pupils freedom to check and assess their friends’ work. This would also enhance their critical thinking skills. This would also boost their motivation as they would be competing with their friends to give the best answers. So, this item would make the pupils more engaged in the lesson. Like, in our assignment, most of the lesson, we ask pupils to change their work with their friends’ work and check with the guidance from the teacher.

7) Varieties of activities

Yeah, this is the most important thing in a lesson in order to make it effective student-centred, personalised, higher-order-thinking lesson. Children might be boring if the teacher just uses the same kind of activities for the 3 lessons in a week. So, we thought in this assignment, we should vary the activities so that the pupils would be more interested to engage in the activities as therefore perform their best in the lesson as their level of motivation is boosted.


‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ is a well known game-show around the world. It is somehow or rather testing people’s general knowledge with great rewards of money. The difficulty levels of questions keep increasing and the rewards are also increasing depending on the level of the questions. So, it is so easy for teacher to manipulate this game and use it in the classrooms.

First and foremost, we thought about the pupils. Who are the pupils and which level of pupils are we going to use this game for. Then we decided to choose year 5 pupils with average level of proficiency. Then, we choose the topic which is ‘Weather’.

Then, we manipulate the game some more. This time, we change the reward from money to cookies. It is t make sure that the pupils are motivated to involve in this lesson as they are in pairs should answer each answer correctly in order to gain the cookies. When they click the right answer, they will get a smiley cookie appears on their computer screen. Then teacher would reward them with cookies. The pair with the most cookies will be the winner.

There are loads of games I have been playing since I was a little kid. Honestly, I never played heavy and violent games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike and so on. I used to play Super Mario, brick games and so on. When I grew up to be youngster, I fell in love with this game and it is called RAVENHEARST. I was addicted to this game since the first time I played it. It is not embedding violence or explicit things. Therefore, I would like to recommend this game to be used for teaching and learning English as a second language.

Sneak Peak of the Game

This is a simple to understand, comprehend and play game. Each level consists of a number of. There are hidden things in the room and players are given certain limited time to search for the things. Once you’ve searched and positioned the required number of objects, the computer generates a jigsaw puzzle. Then the rooms are quite the challenging to investigate. The items lean to blend in with the surroundings and can be tricky to trace. Nonetheless, you’re provided with 5 hints, in case you get stuck. Almost all levels consist of a locked room that can only be opened on the successful completion of a mystery. Some of these are straightforward; some of them call for a lot of thought. Nevertheless, it does give a person quite the sense of achievement when the door is finally unlocked. Hence, this game it very suitable as it is rich with vocabulary. Children can obtain loads of new vocabulary as they need to know the things that they are searching and therefore the pictures of the things would somehow or rather informs the things to them.



This game is suitable to be engaged in year 5 or 6 pupils. Here, I focus the lesson for year 5 and following are the details and procedures of the lesson.


1) To match words with the correct pictures.

2) To listen and to follow simple and longer instructions.

3) To read and to solve the mysteries of Emma.


1.4 Listen to and follow simple instructions and directions accurately.

2.6 Express thoughts and feelings and give opinions on things read, seen, heard and viewed in simple language.

3.6 Acquire a wide range of vocabulary.

4.3 Match words to linear and non-linear representations.

4.5 Construct simple and compound sentences.


1.4.2 Listen to and follow simple instructions.

1.4.4 Listen to and follow longer instructions.

3.6.2 Read and group words according to categories.

4.3.2 Match words to signs, pictures.

4.5.3 Construct simple sentences independently ( 3 – 5 words ) by looking at a picture.

DURATION: 1-2 weeks



Play the game and with the support of dictionary. Teacher’s role is to aid learners to give information on the objects. Teacher embarks the lesson by telling the learners on how to play and enjoy the game. Teacher asks the pupils to take out their notebook and write down the meaning of the words that they don’t know. Teacher reads the diary of Emma and at the same moment, explains what the pupils ought to perform during the game. The game might take a long period to finish as there are many stages of searching. After the pupils have completed a stage, teacher stops the game and help the pupils to save it. Teacher asks the pupils to voice out the vocabulary that they missed. Teacher explains the meaning of each vocabulary. Teacher then distributes some work sheets concerning on the matching activities.


Teacher asks the pupils to categorize the vocabulary/objects on their own group. For instance, the pupils ought to group mangos, watermelon and lemon under the title of fruits. Besides, teacher may ask the pupils to handle themselves with mysteries that require real understanding on the directions and instruction. The pupils will enjoy this as once the rules are break, the detective time and life will be affected. Try to assist the learners that having obstacles in arranging the dominos and puzzle. For those learners that have problems in understanding the words, the may refer to the dictionary in order to search for the meaning.


For better kids, this game can be quite challenging to them as they can argue and have their opinion towards the game. Teacher may ask the pupils to express themselves after they read the first diary of Emma. Teacher may trigger the learners to think and discuss what will occur next in the game. Besides, the pupils also have the opportunity to produce their own words and make shorts descriptions on the image that they see. Teacher may want the learners to generate sentences based on the objects in the games.

Great things about the game.

· The sound effects and music make for a very eerie atmosphere. With the whispers, the spooky noises and the creepy music, you really do feel that the manor is haunted.

· The hidden objects may sometimes be different from what you think they are. For example, a cone may be traffic cone or an ice cream cone. You’ll need to think unconventionally to figure it out.

· The graphics are quite nice with each room beautifully designed. The clutter is not really over the top. It also helps that the reason for it is explained in a diary entry.

Bad things about the game.

· There is no way to renew the number of hints.

· Each diary page tells you very little and it would have been nicer for more information to be included as a reward.

· The hints tend to cover a very large area. Once clicked, a circle appears around an area where the hidden object may be found. It might have been better to narrow it down a bit.

I would talk about what MYTHS and LEGENDS is all about. MYTHS and LEGENDS is a tool for the users to create or re-create stories on their own.

How can we access to Myths and Legends? It is simple. We can just click this .http://myths.e2bn.org/

What can the tool do?

Providing a list of stories th

at you can browse to and you can manipulate it as your material to be used in the classroom. In the list given, there are some information stated there such as the titles, the origins or the locations of the stories, the dates and also

language used in the stories. I believe that this function of the tool is very attractive as the story is equipped with animated pictures, texts and sounds as well. So the users have choices whether they want to read the story quietly or they can have the sound as well.


The stories embedded here.

‘Matilda’s bracelet’ is among the embedded stories here.

You can also create your own story. It is easy-to-handle and simple. We can register for free and just follow some simple steps provided in order to create our own story. Following pictures narrates the procedures.


You can first register.

Create your own story

The frame for the story

board is ready and you can arrange the pictures and speech bubbles as you desire.


Example of my first try out! Very simple one

The limitations of the tool?

This tool can be used if you have internet connection and it is better if you have strong one so that you can do your project with ease. If you do not

have internet connection so you cannot use this tool and I do not think that this tool can be downloaded. More, the l

imitations of the stories provided as most of the stories are from the western countries and it is a loss as there are a lot of interesting myths and legends from Asian regions as well.

When can this tool be used?

This tool can be used anytime and especially whenever you have internet connection. Possibly, if you want the kids to show their creativity in producing stories, this tool is the best to be utilized in the classroom.

The user friendliness of the tool?

This tool is very simple and it is easy to be used. Just register yourself and then you just follow some simple steps provided in order to create your story. There are some unique features in this tool like you can drop comments or messages to others’ projects and the easy-ness to print out your work.

You can drop your messages or comments here!

Then, you can also print your work.

For which standard does the tool mean for?

This tool can be used successfully especially to the kids who can read and understand English language well. As long as they know how to read and with some assistance from the teachers, surely any kids can use this tool. But if for Malaysian context, this tool is suitable possibly starting from Year 4 kids which 10 years old. This tool really can help to enhance kids’ imagination and creativity as they can produce their own story just the way they like it.


You must be wondering why the title of this entry resembles TPACK as an awesome integration.

T= Technology Knowledge P= Pedagogy Knowledge C=Content Knowledge

This because, TPACK is the combination and integration of the three imperative things I have mentioned above. Therefore, in this entry, I would like to narrate one of my lessons that possessed TPACK quality during my teaching practice.

It was a reading lesson for my year 3 pupils. The topic was The life cycle of a frog and the lesson was focusing on the nouns (the phase of the frog’s life cycle; egg, tadpoles, froglet and frog). The materials used during this lesson included laptop, speakers, LCD projector, screen projector and some printed task sheets.


In this lesson, I used a video presentation which I downloaded from YouTube. This video is in a form of cartoon presentation about frog’s life cycle. This is used during the pre-reading stage just to show in a creative and fun way about frog’s life cycle. This is to ensure that pupils could grasp the content of the video. Then, I used a PowerPoint presentation to show the content of the video. I also used an MP3 song at the end of the lesson in the closure.


In this lesson, I used loads of aural-oral activities to tap on pupils’ previous knowledge. This is also to elicit responses from pupils like feedback and comments. For example, when I would like to know whether they know about frog’s life cycle or not, I used to ask questions as to tap on their previous knowledge and lead them to the lesson well. Then, for most of the activities, I used to elicit students’ responses and comment. This would lead them more to engage and understand the lesson well and at the same time to boost their level of critical thinking.

Other than that, I also used loads of demonstrating and giving example. This is very crucial as to make them understand and comprehend certain words, instruction and procedures of the activities embedded well. For example, in order to make pupils understand certain words, I would give example and demonstrate the words like swimming show where the tail of the tadpole. Sometimes I used pictures to make it clearer.

The next pedagogical skill that I used was scaffolding. It is imperative as to guide pupils and lead them to perform in the activities well. For example, I would go to them or each group one by one and clarify what’s the problem that they are facing. Then, I would ask questions and give examples as to scaffold them to complete their work effectively.

Hence, by explaining the procedures which I include the technology as well as the pedagogy used in the lesson, I think I already answered “How C-k is being taught via P-k, and how T-k helps the P to make the students get C”

As one of the teachers in the future...here is my TOP TEN WISHLIST

The 10th wish that I hope will be implemented is that I want local students to have access and ‘special relationship’ with international students. If possible, I would like each student to have at least 2 friends from 2 different countries. These international students are selected and adopted by the government. These students will exchange information and knowledge regarding their studies, for example the approaches, the activities and content taught by their teacher and educators. Hence, there will be a platform for example using the simplest medium like windows live; they can share loads of things via that kind of medium. However, rules and regulations need to be set. For example, there are certain prohibited topics or content to be discussed or viewed like politics and other explicit contents. At the same time, their teachers which will be selected by the school for example 1 teacher will take charge 10 pupils. The teacher must be the members of the group in the windows live to inspect the progress as well as the students’ activities.

Apart from that, the 9th wish is that I would like to develop a competition within the class and the school in terms of the usage of the ICT. This will include the school level, zon level, state level and lastly national level. This competition is based on the class or the school which utilized the ICT effectively and efficiently in terms of the quality, quantity and creativity. A committee will be set in each state and this committee will go to each school to determine the winner. This would somehow or rather boost the motivation of each school to utilize ICT to the fullest.

The 8th wish is regarding the space for teachers and parents to deliberate about the progress of their children, the ‘in’ issues in the education field and the school activities involving them as well as their children. For example, windows live, skype or even facebook could be one of the best mediums to implement this. With this, the teacher-parents relationship will be bonded well and they can easily connect to each other. Perhaps the students’ problems can easily be curbed.

The concept goes with the 8th wish, the 7th wish is to develop a platform whereby pupils can do their own conference and group learning virtually. Hence, they can discuss their homework, group task, group studying and inform new updates and information. For instance, ‘skype’ and ‘yahoo messanger’ can be the best platform to implement because at the same time they also upload and download document, pictures and videos. Therefore, it will be very useful in terms of their learning empowerment.

Besides that, for the sixth wish, I would like to conduct assessment in more manageable ways using the computers. Questions are set according to the availability that the computers can conduct and the answer will be sent and checked directly. Then, teachers can check the answers and if any problem occurs, teachers can make amendments as required with the system. Then, teachers can straight forward send the marks of the students to the students’ profiles. This leads to less plagiarism and at the same time makes the process of assessment manageable, smoother and faster.

For the 5th wish, I suggest that classroom is no longer the main venue for learning. Learning should take place in various places like computer lab, media room and studio. As we know, nowadays, not all schools are embedded with studios and media room. These rooms are crucial in terms of the teaching and learning session. This is because these rooms will consist of loads of gadjets, machines, TV’s, video and cd players, computer, radios, so on and so forth. So, I wish that teachers including me will utilize these rooms as well as we can in order to enhance the students’ learning.

The 4th wish is that I would like all subjects taught in school especially English to be packaged with tools, interactive and engaging softwares. Like what we have now, the textbook are coupled with cd. However, the cd ‘s are not well manipulated. Therefore, the subject must come with something hands on and interactive which can lead the pupils to be innovative. For examples games like whereby they have to build or create something will trigger their creativity and at the same time they can still grasp the language focus of the game for example verbs or nouns.

The third most important wish that would like to implement is simple. I want all students to have their own email. Through this email, I can straight give them tasks, feedback, download and upload thing as well as giving them new updates and information. This would be a compulsory for each student and school will keep the record of the emails registered. This will somehow or rather make the teachers work easier and the pupils will benefit a lot from this in terms of their improvement in their learning as well as managing their own learning.

The second most important wish is that I want each classroom to be embedded with enough facilities that can boost the utilization ICT well. Each class must consist of smartboard, lcd projector, white screen and even audio and video facilities should be ‘buried’ in the school. If this is happening, then the classroom can be the main venue for learning. However they still have to go some other places like studio and computer lab to engage them more to ICT as they can benefit so many things ranging from their learning and everyday life purpose.

The most important wish that I dream is I would like each student to have laptop installed with broadband. This will allow them to perform their own learning effectively. The broadband will be set to have some limits. It means that students are allowed to serve the internet, however there are certain websites that they cannot access. With this implementation, it is easier to employ all the other nine whishes and make them come true.

Hence this will ensure success towards the implementation of ICT in the classroom. Thus, will lead the education system to be smart, effective and produces useful profits for the nation wise.


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